About Us


Netscape Online is a company that is dedicated to providing internet services. It is a family owned business. It started 10 years ago from nothing to now, one of the most respected ISP companies there is. It owes its growth and success to delivering quality service and great customer care over the years. In this industry, handling businesses and personal needs for many individuals, reliability is a quality a company is expected to have. We are more than proud to say that Netscape Online has this and more.

Netscape Online has a team of professionals working for it. The professionals have a collective experience of more than twenty years. They are all trained and skilled in IT from top universities in the world. Their knowledge in the industry is an asset to the company and consequently for you, the client.

Netscape provides several types of internet solutions. But the best part is that they are all tailor-made to fit the needs of the business that you run or our personal needs. We understand that not everyone wants to stream videos from YouTube or watch movies online and also not everyone is content just doing some light research. It is for this reason that our services are tailor-made and no two packages are the same.

Our vision

We strive to be the leading internet service provider there is offering the best services to domestic, reginal and international markets.

Our mission

Our mission in the industry is to provide top notch internet connection and service to enable our customers running businesses to be competitive and thrive with great ease.