Looking for the best beer refrigerator to contain all your favorite beers in one place? The only thing that is stopping you is how you are going to choose one. There are different beer refrigerators in the market, but what you’d like is something that will fit your needs. There are mini fridges and those that are so large they are perfect for when you are selling beers and other beverages. Other customers also demand for the built-in installation. In this guide, you will focus more on the best and most popular models in the market. This guide will help you get the most practical option.

Wine Enthusiast Evolution Series Beverage Center

This is the overall best beer fridge that you will ever find in the market, or at least what majority of its buyers think. This is designed specifically not only to hold beer bottles, but beer cans, too. It has a 2.2 cubic feet capacity. But don’t let this size fool you – it’s got a clever layout that it can hold as many beer as much that larger fridges can accommodate – 86 cans at maximum.

The down side, like many other devices, is that it eats up about $18 electricity annually. That is way more consumption compared to most mini beer fridges, which usually takes up between $2 to $5, however many buyers say that it is worth it. The temperatures are stable from the bottom to the top, which means that you can trust this beer refrigerator to take care of most of the sensitive brews that you’ve got.

The best price of this model you’ll ever find is at $248, making it one of the expensive units you’ll find in the market. But you won’t regret it as it has easy controls, sleek design on its door glass and comes with adjustable shelving.

Igloo 3.2 Cu.Ft. Platinum Fridge

If you are searching for a cool storage to keep all your suds, but don’t want to dig too deep just to get the beer you want to consume, then this is the best one for you. It is able to fit at a maximum of 100 cans, and even has more space to put other items that needs to be cooled like the onion dip and salsa.

It is one conventional mini refrigerator, a very familiar design that you commonly see in college dorms. It’s complete with a dispenser for the cans at the door and has a small freezer at the top. This means that the temperatures at the top are colder than the bottom, so you need to be careful when you position the beer. Putting the beer cans in the freezer will freeze up if they are placed at the top row near the freezer for too long.

This freezer is available for purchase in Amazon for $159 or you can go for the budget variant offered for $119.