One of the common methods used to get garments printed are the Heat Press machines. However, many people do not know that they can do it on their own by just getting the best heat press machine for beginners. It will be an incredible and exciting experience customizing your own garments for your business, church or charitable foundation.

Facts you should know before Buying One

  1. Reasons for getting the machine

Why do you want to buy the machine? Are you using it for your personal business? Do you want to print your own firm’s logo onto clothes for your workers to put on? Are you planning on using it for long-term or short-term purposes? These are some basic questions to ask before getting one.

You must follow this guide if you want to get a heat press machine:

  • You want to do all the printing process by yourself by printing your own garments.
  • You want to set-up a garment business (selling of t-shirts).
  • You don’t want to give out the contract to other outsource garment printing companies.


  1. Cost and Quality

Presently, the best heat press machine for beginners is the onethat has a weighty structure of over 100lbs. The reason why it is super heavy is because they make the heat platen with expensive materials to make them durable. If they use light platens, it can easily wear and tear. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you cannot buy lightweight machines. Some people prefer to carry these machines to trade fairs and charity events to enable them todisplay their design on the spot.

If you choose a lighter and inexpensive machine, it might collapse easily. Both have their upsides and downsides. You have to choose between a lighter machine that is less costly but doesn’t last long or a bulkier machine that is more costly and durable, but you can’t easily carry them from one place to another.