Nutrition plays a key role in the total success as far as any fitness training regime is concerned, and this could be broken down into general, pre-workout and post-workout nutrition. Carrying out a workout on a bare stomach can limit the effectiveness and efficiency of the workout, however, a pre-workout protein shake offers the strength and energy that your body requires to complete an intense workout; check out this FitBody article about the 10 Best Pre-Workouts for Women. The protein offers the building blocks needed for the development of the muscles as well as the extra ingredients in the mix can be modified so as to cater for your personal fitness targets.

Protein Source

Amino acids and proteins and are regarded as your muscles’ building blocks and they should be taken in sufficient amounts so as to promote lean muscle development. There is a notion that the most efficient source of protein as regards a pre-workout shake is whey protein powder. The whey protein goes into the bloodstream swiftly so that it allows your body to make use of the amino acids during the workout and instantly afterwards.


The benefits that accompany the consumption of a pre-workout protein shake is beyond having a stable flow of strength and energy while you are doing the workout. The constituents in the protein shake boost lean muscle mass by assisting your body to recover fast and reduce post-workout muscle breakdown as well. Your metabolism increases as well and this improves the ability of your body to burn extra calories and stored fat.


Additional Ingredients

Add a variety of constituents onto the pre-workout protein shake so as to suit your fitness goals as well as taste preference. A mixture of the shake with skim milk adds carbohydrates and protein. Extra carbohydrate sources for improved energy levels include raw fruits, oatmeal and fruit juice. You could add supplement powders like electrolyte powders or muscle-building supplements like glutamine and creatine monohydrate.