A smurf account can be described as a level 30 account that has unranked stats and can be loaded either with IP or champions. By the time you create the account, you can perform some tasks like spending IP on your preferred champions and you can start your ranked career by playing the placement matches. The moment you buy smurf accounts, you gain more valuable experience in League of Legends. Before you play League of Legends, you have to make a decision whether you want to continue playing on your original ELO or you continue playing with your smurf account so as to play some hard games with ease and get some S+ rankings and approving words from your colleagues because they will see you as the ultimate champion.


There are lots of benefits of buying a smurf account. There are also lots of advantages of carrying games on a lower ELO than your original account’s ELO. Firstly, you can be an expert by beating every player in each ranked game. You will derive joy and fun in doing this. It is the same as ELO boosting, in which the booster participate in games where he is a professional compared to other players who are still learning. You don’t only entertain yourself but help to improve your knowledge and understanding about the game.

If you understand the game in a lower ELO, it can help improve your playing skill on your original account. There are other reasons why players buy smurf accounts. If you intend to play ranked games with pals on lower ELO, try to buy an unranked smurf account. This can be your best option. If you want to ultimately enjoy League of Legends, try playing ranked games with friends. This choice is the quickest way to start. There are lots of reasons why you should quickly get a smurf account.