If you are in the middle of preparing for your event, chances are that you are also considering a speaker to be used. It may seem simple at first, since all you are ever going to need is a set of speakers that can deliver sounds for everybody to hear. However, not all brands are created equal. And the speakers of your choice should be set up well that it works together perfectly with other sound equipment. It can be confusing if this is your first time organizing an event that requires a large sound equipment system, so all you need to do to assure yourself is to check a speaker rental near me and talk to one of the professionals there to give you a good advice about it.

Here are the basic sound equipment you’ll need when you rent them for your event.


No matter how big your loudspeakers can be, there are limits to it when it is just standing alone. It has the limit in reproducing the whole frequency range that will be audible for people. When frequencies go low to the point that it get extended on the low end frequencies made by the bass instruments and other synthesizer music, like those techno creating that ‘doof doof’ sound, they are impossible on a physical level for the normal driver on low-end in a loundspeaker to create again. The specialized speakers, also referred to as subwoofers, are designed in reproducting these frequencies around 120Hz and 20Hz, which is the bottom hearing range for humans.

The extended low-end frequency is very important for humans in understanding music. Try to test it out when you turn off the subwoofers during your rehearsal and compare it when it is turned on. You will certainly feel the difference.


Opposite of loudspeakers is the microphones. They capture the movements of the air and transforms them into electrical signals. There are a lot of types and designs wherein each of them produces a specific function and when they are used on a source that they are not compatible with, it will certainly do a poor job. You might be surprised of the number of micrphones designed mainly for the drum kit used in a jazz ensemble. Every cymbal or drum comes in a different frequency, tonal and volume characteristics so each of them needs a microphone compatible with it.

Other things to consider in an event

At this point, you’ve already talked with a sound specialist on how the sound system is set up in the event area. However, it will still not guarantee you the perfect sound even if the best sound operator is at the helm working on it. For example, you hire a band that doesn’t sound so good. They perform poorly at setting up their equipment, even the way they perform is not good at all. This is just one of the many challenges facing event planners, but to use the maximum performance of the sound system, its users must also be carefully selected.