Which specific blender do you really require to meet your needs? Whether you choose a traditional jug blender or a personal blender, you don’t have to settle for less as far as the quality of blending is concerned if you opt for an awesome model. We have examined the pros and cons of each blender type below so as to assist you in making the decision about the one that represents the best blender for your needs.
Personal /Mini blenders

Mini or personal blenders are normally small in size when compared to traditional jug blenders in addition to the fact that they possess a smaller-sized bullet-shaped blending cup that is easily detached at the base thus making it easy for conversion into a drinking cup with lid following the blending process. They are built to be fast and convenient, initially seen as a fast way to make a smoothie before going to the gym for people on a health boost. They don’t require a lot of space on your worktop since they are of small size. They are the perfect blender type for anyone that wants to blend a smoothie at a time.

Pros: Normally easier to use. Blending cup is usually for the size of a portion, and can also be used as a travel cup – to save washing up and hassle.

Cons: Not the ideal choice for big-sized batches.


Jug blenders

They possess a bigger blending jug in addition to a removable lid and handle, some permit detachment from the base to aid cleaning more. Normally they have a capacity of 1.7l in comparison to that of 600ml in personal blenders thus making them a better blending option for large batches of soups and smoothies for the family. They require more worktop space however they mostly possess a devoted blending scheme for various tasks like ice-crushing, smoothie-making, and pureeing.

Pros: Perfect for making large batches of soup, or more than a smoothie portion.

Cons: Small size portions can be difficult to blend, some are hard to clean as far the blades are concerned.