The cleaning of a CPAP mask through a CPAP cleaner is important to improve CPAP therapy success in the long term. You have to reconsider your stance again if you have no interest in cleaning your mask.

  • You could have a leftover film on the cushion of your mask which may be greasy. This film ensures that your CPAP mask simply leaks The remnant will be hard to clean.
  • CPAP masks can contain a lot of germs, even after using one night, due to the fact that it is not cleaned most times.
  • If you are under the weather with flu, cold, etc., you have to clean the CPAP mask on a daily basis due to the dirt that accumulates on it and its stinky state.
  • Making use of particular chemicals can impact the mask material quality. The chemicals could possibly respond to your mask’s constituent parts leading to the degradation of your mask and that reduces its lifespan and effectiveness. Some of these substances will render the masks’ warranties nullified.
  • Your face’s natural oils come in contact with the mask thus making it lose its seal after a period of time.
  • Cleaning a CPAP mask frequently and in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturers will make sure that the mask works well, and won’t decline before their usual lifespan. Have it at the back of your mind that the masks nowadays last for over 6 months, and in many cases not up to one year.

Cleaning the CPAP Equipment

It is essential for you to keenly adhere to the instructions of the manufacturers when it comes to CPAP mask cleaning, to prevent warranty void.

The disinfection and cleaning of a mask is a task that has to be done in a hospital setting, and the manufacturer’s instructions promote the hospital’s ability to perform this task in a very efficient way.

Generally, cleaning instructions for the CPAP masks with the CPAP cleaner are quite simple, and don’t require unique chemical substances to carry out the cleaning.