Audiovisual receiver decoders have the ability to magnify the audio signal to be supplied to your speakers. They also serve as a centre for managing and changing audio and video points. These units are essential if you really want to have a cinemaplex type, high-quality music room, or home theater. The best AV receiver is an audio visual receiver with a high wattage.

Are There Various Types Of Best AV Receivers?

The most efficient AV receivers are known via the no. of speakers they could possibly supply magnified sound to, by the no. of audio input as well as the output channels they possess. You will discover that the most popular types are 5.1 channel, 7.2 channel, stereo and 7.1 channel at the time of your research.

Stereo – the AV receivers produce one right and one left audio channel and most often possess a subwoofer output to cater for the lower frequencies. Ideally, they are for the purpose of audio playback and though they could be incorporated into a home theatre setting, the video connectivity appears to be passive and limited as a normal rule.


5.1 Channel – this is regarded as the first level for home theater receivers that is able to output surround sound. You’ll see that the five speakers employed as far as the 5.1 channel A/V receiver are concerned are at the rear right, rear left, front right, front center and front left of the room. The 1 found in the 5.1 is referred to as the subwoofer output.


7.1 Channel – this is referred to as the higher level of AV receivers designed for those with a bigger-sized home theater room. The 7.1 channel setting adds an extra 2 speakers to the direct left and the direct right of listeners for an immersive, rich and interesting sound experience.


7.2 Channel – this top of the range best AV receiver is built for the bigger home theater setting. A 7.2 channel receiver improves on the 7.1 channel with an extra subwoofer output to equally distribute boundless booming bass frequencies across the room.