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Pokemon GO can be described as a Free2play augmented reality game that can be played on mobile devices, in which players secure Pokemon, guide them and can take part in the gyms contest. Gather all the 151 Pokemon together, including the 15 various types like fire, water, electric or plant and train them by using candies. In Pokemon GO you have the chance to join Team Mystic, Valor, or Instinct as soon as you get to the fifth stage, engage in battles and fight against the other competitors and endeavor to secure the gyms.

The PokeStops of the real world play a huge role in Pokemon GO. In this place, you can acquire potions, Pokéballs, eggs, smoke, and other valuable items which can be used to achieve your goal and attain the greater lever by becoming the best Pokemon trainer. At higher stages, you will discover fresh and stronger Pokemon.

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