Building a game has become relatively easy due to the origin of new game mechanics and swift changes in technology. Once you have got an idea, all that is required for you is to know some fundamental game mechanics. Familiarity is very important whether you’re building a logical game, Seriöse Gewinnspiele (serious games) for E-Learning reasons or first person shooter game

Many common game mechanics are recapped below:

Number of Attempts

Nibbles, Minefield and Solitaire are instances of games that make use of the mechanic No. of Attempts. The games continue till either the player runs out of attempts like turns or lives or completes the challenge. The game starts all over again once the player has achieved the goal or dies in the process.


Player Movements

In games like Simon and Dance Dance Revolution, the player has to move physically to play the game. Series of steps must be repeated to finish each stage and move to the next level. This idea began with mats that were inserted into game consoles. Newer technology such as Leap Motion and Wii Kinect prompt players to use real movements such as dodging and jumping in games.



Tetris, Sobokan and Puyo Puyo use blocks’ classic mechanic. These game mechanics are all about the arrangement of normal shapes and objects in a systematic order to finish the game.


Motion Detection

When it comes to this game mechanics, making use of the mouse in a specific way without it being accompanied with any errors whatsoever is involved. Most times, first person shooter games that have keyboard controlling it rely on making use of mouse movements for shooting, reloading and aiming. This includes games like Max Payne.



Hidden Images

Mostly employed by logical and seriöse gewinnspiele, hidden images are widely regarded as a digital representation of the “Where’s Waldo” idea into gaming. Objects are concealed within a picture and thereafter players make use of their observation technique to discover simple objects in a knotty picture. Examples of these games include the Big Fish Game Series.