One of the process of smoking weed is by breaking up the cannabis. If you think of yourself as a veteran smoker, there is a very high chance that you’ve got your own technique or style that you prefer to use. Through the years technology has been rapidly evolving, that it has even made amazing changes with the weed grinders for her or weed. It has made changes from basically having only one, but to 2, 3 and now has 4 chamber grinders that have become really popular among cannabis smokers. It is the greatest item to have on hand when it comes to stationary smoke spots, but those that are always on the go might see the weed grinder is just too much to own.

Being a DIY type, it might be difficult for you to have without it. There are various alternatives in making you buy your own grinder.

The reasons for grinding weed

The techniques or styles in grinding cannabis is all about personal preference. However, there are certain smoking processes that requires you to do the right one. First, breaking up the buds will allow the bowls to burn tidily and fully fill the bowl. This will provide you with more area on the surface to road the ground weed, while at the same time you remove the stems. If you prefer to have the traditional weed grinder, keep in mind that they are usually equipped with a chamber that is specifically created to catch the kief – the potent result of the separating trichomes coming from the plant. Extracting the kief through collecting them all in the chamber will make it a very pleasant way for you to enjoy your cannabis smoking. This is especially true once you have enough amount to add into the usual bowl of flower.

When not to grind weed

If you have thought about not grinding weed, then you have no idea about the implications with not grinding them. Potential problems arise when you leave the weed as it is. It will make other ways of smoking cannabis impossible. If you are not grinding the flower and the pip is not hitting or that it is getting clogged, this situation calls for the grinding train. The small bowls and one-hitters will benefit from the product being ground up since the air can pass through easily rather than getting clogged. The rolling blunts and joints require very fine material for such a reason. However, a number of rollers need breaking up using your own hands whenever the situation calls for it. When you vaporize a bud, grinding the bud will allow you to vape the weed evenly and most of the vaporizers will even instruct that you must do it so that you will get the best results.

If you still think that owning a weed grinder is a hassle, you might notice the need for it the more you smoke weed in the process, especially with the aforementioned cases that requires you to do so.