If you are debating between the two options of getting a bb gun or pellet gun ask yourself this question: “Am I going to be carrying out any small game hunting or pest control with my airgun?” If the answer happens to be yes then the best pellet gun is the right pick. However, if the answer is no then a bb gun should be adequate for your plinking needs.

In addition to the backyard can shooting and plinking, pellet guns are very effective and efficient for pest control. If you have a rowdy collection of uninvited backyard guests, our pellet guns are a humane and secure way to make them stay away from your home. In terms of “take down power” and accuracy, velocity is the major factor. The minimum speed at which High-velocity pellet guns can fire is 750 feet per second.

Two of our most common pellet guns include the Winchester 1000xs Pellet Rifle and the Tech Force 99 Magnum Pellet Rifle. Both are made for optimum firepower and are not recommended for new or inexperienced shooters. Although these two guns are both popular, they are pretty different when it comes to the optimum velocities they are able to achieve and the quality of pellets they shoot.

Let’s speak about the Tech Force 99. This gun produces a velocity of 900 ft per second through a .22 caliber pellet, and that is really remarkable for an air gun making use of a pellet of that weight and size. As with a lot of our top sellers, you could order an attachable scope for improved accuracy.

When going for the best pellet gun for pest control/hunting, still make use of a pellet rifle and search for top velocities (a minimum of 900 FPS for a .177 caliber or 750 FPS for a .22 caliber). This would offer the best take down power with the least no. of shots required to kill humanely and quickly.