The appropriate slate is derived from deep dark, strong and dense metamorphic rocks. The severe pressure and heat which led to these contributed to the bands that could be seen on the slate. Even though these are from the environment these slates from Slateplate are food-safe. You could serve any food in these.

Serve Food in a Different Way

Slateplates provide an unconventional way of serving food. Conventional plates are just normally round in shape and with depth in the middle. Slateplates are almost flat and normally rectangular in shape. Serving food with the use of slate could make your food stand out in contrast to their dark colour.

Unlike what’s obtainable with conventional plates that are more often than not just round in shape the Slateplate provides various shapes. There are heart shaped slates which you can make use of in your romantic dates. Those round cheese boards are also available for your wine tasting event. You could click here for customisation choices so as to make your slates more customised.

Cleaning is an Ease

Slateplates are coated with food-grade mineral oil that contributes to its luster. However, the main aim of this coating is to protect the slate. Even if you set the dishwasher to sterilise, slateplates are dishwasher safe. Unlike what’s obtainable with other unconventional dinnerware, the Slateplate is not negatively affected by dishwashing detergents.

These slates are very sturdy against wear and tear as well. The slate is protected from staining as a result of oily and acidic food since it is sealed with mineral oil. The slates not coated with the aforementioned mineral oil tend to darken in the part where cheese is served. This stain would be very difficult to remove.

Hot and Cold

Slateplates could be employed to preserve the temperature of the food being served too. The slate could be pre-cooled inside a freezer or refrigerator before it is used to serve food. The slate has high heat retention meaning that its temperature does not change easily.