A smurf account in its entirety is a low-level account owned by a summoner who in turn has a high-level account, specifically a level 30 account. The majority of the smurf accounts in the league of legends community are linked with low-level players, owing to the fact that they are new accounts. There are various reasons why people create a smurf account, among the reason include the few that are stated below:

  • As a result of the fact that the very high ELO players take too much time to queue, smurf accounts are created to have low queue times
  • Trying non-standard team strategies or compositions
  • Increasing the feelings of power or importance, or better still demoralizing lower level players
  • Getting to have to play for fun because the stress experienced to elevating to high-level games is minimized or getting an easy win
  • Level 30 players that want to play with friends that have just started playing the game, without pulling them into high-level matches
  • Creating a backup account in case their main accounts was compromised or was banned.

Having a smurf account is not seen as an offense by the game developers. Regardless of this, they consider the act of referring a smurf account through the referral program an offense, based on fraud.

In addition, there is another type of smurf that is known as “ELO” or the League system smurf. What happens is that the players create a secondary account which they rise up the ranks to level 30, just for the purpose to level up or the purpose of playing ranked. The majority of these players are:

  • Players who do not want a second account that is ranked, whether low or high.
  • Low ranked, but on the other feel they deserve to be ranked better, thereby leading them to retry placement matches on smurf accounts
  • Players who wish to troll in ranked games with having consequences on their main account
  • The players that refer to themselves as smurfs in ranked queues make claims to being the players with higher rating and skill that play at low levels. Many smurfs that make this claim just to get the role they desire, but there are actual smurfs that play low-level games to relax and they ensure being mute in the community.