Light up shoes also referred to as LED shoes, are the ideal accessory for events and parties. They generate various flashing lights that are elegant, beautiful and attractive. The colors generated are bright and impressive as well. Light up shoes are accompanied by a rechargeable battery.

Technical Specifications of light up Shoes

  • Light up shoes have a 3 – 3.7 volts, 400mAh lithium polymer full capacity battery.
  • The battery’s charging time is 3 hours, and it lasts for around 9 hours once it’s completely charged.
  • USB port is concealed in the shoes’ inner part and is placed so as not to cause any distress to the wearer.
  • The switch can be found in the inner part of the shoe’s hem and can be touched easily to arrive at the light pattern or right colour.
  • The soles are derived from PVC rubber and they are washable and
  • Normally the cable for a dual USB charger connects to both shoes simultaneously. You can charge them with the aid of your laptop. The cable is normally around 9 inches or 48.5 cms in length.
  • Light up LED strips are normally 4 – 7 lumens and they need 3 volts of electricity.


Where To Buy Light up Shoes For Adults (Men & Women)?

LED shoes are very popular therefore you can buy them from various stores offline and online. One of such store is Amazon. Here, you are able to locate various Light up shoes meant for both men and women. They are in various colours and sizes. You are required to choose the perfect shoe for you dependent on your personal preferences and budget. Other places to purchase Light up shoes meant for adults include Alibaba, AliExpress and eBay.


Where To Buy Light up Shoes For Kids (Boys & Girls)?

Just like for adult shoes, LED shoes for kids are available in many online stores. You can purchase them on eBay or Amazon or find them in shops that sell toys and corresponding products as well or kids’ stores.