One of the most asked questions online when it comes to a pillowcase made out of silk is how to wash it. Silk pillowcases are different from silk clothing. The latter is made out of light low momme silk fabric wherein it needs dry cleaning. The former generally are designed with the use of high grade silk, meaning that you need to wash them in your washing machine. Isn’t that great?

All you need to do is follow the simple steps below so that you can prolong the life of the silk pillowcase that you own.

  • Turn the pillowcase from silk material inside out or you can also place it inside a laundry bag or an old pillowcase. This will protect the silk during the wash cycle.
  • Place the inverted pillowcase in the washing machine and put it on warm or cold delicate cycle. Place the max temperature on water at 30 degrees celsius.
  • Choose a laundry detergent that doesn’t have any bleach or enzymes as this will only damage the pillowcase.
  • Dry it out under direct sunlight
  • Once it is dry, you can use it on your pillow when you want to use it.

Experts advise that if you want the natural silkiness of the pillowcase, it is best that you hand wash them in the first couple of washes before you engage with the steps above.

Other ways to clean pillowcases

In this section, you will learn how to clean a pillowcase, regardless of the material is made from. The following steps specifically addresses pillowcases that are filled with body oil and sweat.

Famous remedies

There are 5 products in the market that work well with makeup, body oil and sweat on pillowcases. These are lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, white vinegar and baking soda. All you need to do is choose one of the five you favor and mix it with water. Soak it on the stain for 30 minutes. Before the pillowcase dries up from the solution, wash it first with cool water and regular detergent. If you choose ammonia mix, dab the mixture directly on the strain and then after that launder for a couple of minutes. The mixes must be on equal parts – one part water and one part product.

But these are not all the solutions you’ll find that can work with sweat, body oil and makeup stains. One of them is aspirin – meany claim that by using 3 aspiring tablets and have it dissolved in water will have good results. Soak the stain in the solution for a few hours before you wash it off with a pretreatment with detergent. Wash off pillowcase with cool water.

If you want to work with an unusual solution, try the meat tenderizer. It may seem odd, but many says it works really well. All you need to do is moisten the sweat or stain with water then rub the meat tenderizer before you wash them off using cool water.